Dr Mark's HyGenie®

Dentistry Meets Design

Caring for removable dental appliances has remained fairly unchanged through the years, despite the innovations to those appliances and our evolving lifestyles. Four years and thousands of hours in the making, we took a purposeful and considered approach which resulted in a ground-breaking aesthetically pleasing device that serves users of all types of removable dental appliances.

Made with durable materials that last up to two years with daily use, the fit-for-purpose system proves that efficiency can also be affordable and stylish.

Form With Function

Every part and every material for Dr Mark’s HyGenie has been designed and chosen on purpose, with purpose. The ergonomic device, which caters for all ages, features a set of interlocking ‘clustered brushes’ that effortlessly rotate in opposite directions. The system uses water and Dr Mark's DentalFresh which flow through a perforated locked casing to essentially wash your appliance.

The comfortable turning action sees the brushes clean all the surfaces of your appliance simultaneously – all while it sits safely inside. You can then wear your clean and fresh appliance straightaway, or store it in the self-draining, self-drying device until it’s needed again.

Change You Can See

Care, innovation and constant improvement have been at the core of Dr Mark Wotherspoon’s dentistry practice for over 30 years. Dr Mark’s HyGenie is the culmination of all that experience, a lot of hard work and investment, and an insatiable desire to give dental appliance wearers a vastly improved way to care for their important appliances.

Innovation isn’t just about making new products, it’s about changing behaviour and delivering improved outcomes – and that’s what Dr Mark’s HyGenie does. Like all the world’s best innovations, Dr Mark’s HyGenie does more for you by asking less of you.

Dr Mark’s DentalFresh®

Discover The Solution

A healthy mouth is essential to a healthy body, that’s one of the reasons we’ve created Dr Mark’s DentalFresh. It’s another purpose-designed product formulated to help keep your removable dental appliance clean and fresh.

All too often, too many people default to using toothpaste, harsh detergents or only water to clean their removable dental appliance, which is just not good enough. Over time, calculus builds up on dental appliances which traps nasty germs lurking around the oral cavity. The result? An awfully smelly and stained dental appliance.

Dr Mark's DentalFresh is a paraben and alcohol-free formulation designed for daily use. It has a pH balance perfectly set at 5.0 which will begin dissolving calculus build-up without harming your dental appliance the way toothpaste or harsh detergents will.

And it contains pure peppermint oil so your dental appliance will smell minty-fresh!

Dr Mark’s SureGrip® Denture Brush

We Let Logic Prevail

Again, where Dentistry met Design, it made perfect sense to us to design a circular shaped tool for a circular shaped task. All removable dental appliances are arched, so why not design a denture brush that is round rather than rectangular? The Dr Mark's SureGrip is ergonomic with a comfortable handle that’s easy to grip and non-slip. The bristles are pyramid shaped, made from tough TPE material which feels soft to the touch but are just the right stiffness to clean even the worst denture build up with Dr Mark’s DentalFresh and regular use.

The Dr Mark's SureGrip Denture Brush is just one more way we have set the new standard for care of removable dental appliances.

The Right Tools For The Job

We know how important your dental appliance is to you; we also know that taking care of your dental appliance is probably not always top of mind, so we've made it easy and quick.

After all, like all the world’s best innovations, the Dr Mark’s HyGenie system does more for you by asking less of you.

Want to know how a simple idea became a breakthrough personal care concept and now a successful start-up?

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