“Far too many people struggle to properly clean their removable dental appliances. Wearing an unhygienic dental appliance can lead to unsightly and costly oral disease, which can also make you very sick. Our mission is to change all that.”

Dr Mark Wotherspoon, BDSc
Inventor & Founder
Dr Mark’s HyGenie®

Hygiene by Design

Removable dental appliances are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria when poorly maintained, yet the decades-old ways of caring for them just aren’t effective or don’t exist at all. Borne out of frustration with these inefficiencies, one inspired dentist with a lifetime of experience caring for others, insisted that something much better was needed, a breakthrough. Dr Mark’s HyGenie is that breakthrough: a purpose designed combination of 3 products, creating an all-in-one system that cleans, stores and protects all types of removable dental appliances, quickly, efficiently and safely. The Dr Mark's HyGenie system addresses the important hygiene needs of every removable dental appliance wearer and carer.

Designed with every mouth in mind, Dr Mark’s HyGenie® is the simple solution to a common problem.


Dr Mark’s HyGenie takes less than a minute to thoroughly clean your removable dental appliance. Whether you wear aligners, a retainer, dentures, a night guard, sports mouth guards or any other removable dental appliance, Dr Mark’s HyGenie cleans it comfortably, quickly and thoroughly.


Who says functional can’t look good? Say goodbye to those embarrassing glasses of murky green liquid by the bedside lamp or bathroom basin. Once you’ve cleaned your dental appliance, Dr Mark’s HyGenie acts as a stylish storage case until the next time you need it.


Custom-made removable dental appliances take time to fabricate and are expensive and inconvenient to repair or replace so they need to be well looked after. Dr Mark’s HyGenie gives you peace of mind: its tough and durable locking case keeps your dental appliance protected - during cleaning, after cleaning, and at all times.


Using Dr Mark’s HyGenie gives you the confidence that your removable dental appliance is clean, properly cared for, and at the ready when you are.

Why Choose Dr Mark’s HyGenie?

Like all the world’s best innovations, Dr Mark’s HyGenie does more for you by asking less from you. Want to know how?

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