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Our "21 Day Satisfaction Guarantee"

What is your guarantee policy?

We stand by the products we sell and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. When our products are used as designed and instructed, we are very confident you will be fully satisfied with your purchase.

If the product(s) you have purchased do not do what we said it/they would do, you may return the item(s) within the trial period for a full refund.

Please note:

  • Returns made after the stated 21-day return policy period will be not be refunded.
  • Professional product bundles that are sold within the professional shop of the Dr Mark’s HyGenie website or direct from the company are excluded from the 21 day guarantee terms and conditions.

How do I return my goods for a refund?

Please email within 21 days of receipt and proper use of the products to advise us you wish to return the products purchased. Be sure to include the reason why you wish return the products in your email as we may be able to help you with additional user advice or alternate products in the range that better satisfy you. In the case that we cannot meet your requirements, we will acknowledge receipt of your refund request by reply email and the issue of a Product Return Number (PRN), after which you have 10 days to return the product(s) back to us.

Please note:

  • We will include return instructions in our reply email.
  • Please ensure the PRN number is clearly visible on the outside of the parcel that you are returning so that we can complete your refund quickly on receipt.
  • We always recommend you use a trackable postage method and keep these details safe until you see the refund on your Credit Card or PayPal account.

I have sent my product back, when will I see the refund?

Once the goods are received to the warehouse we will issue your refund immediately and confirm the refund by reply email. Then allow 7-10 business days for the refund to appear on your Credit Card or PayPal statement.

What do I do with my PRN number?

Put your PRN on the outside of the package for clear identification at the warehouse.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

Yes, our guarantee policy does not cover the cost of return postage as will be confirmed in the refund confirmation email you receive. It is your responsibility to return the product(s) to us, in good condition, if you decide not to keep it.


When can I expect my order delivered?

Domestic delivery times depend on where we are sending your order. We will keep you updated with progress emails and our carriers will keep you updated with text messages as your order makes its way to you.


Does Dr Mark's ship internationally?

We sure do. At the check out you will find a listing of all the countries we happily ship to.


Is there really a Dr Mark?

There sure is! Dr Mark Wotherspoon and he’s a really great guy, a caring dad, husband and dentist of over 30 years. Check us out on LinkedIn


Tell me a little about your company please?

We are an Australian owned and operated company. All our products are designed locally with lots of help from Dental Professionals. Our cleaning solutions are manufactured locally and our devices are manufactured in South Korea. If you would like to know more about our company or our business, feel free to email our CEO, Steve Plakotaris, he loves talking about the company:


What are Dr Mark's devices made from, are they safe, strong, will they last?

We think our devices are pretty much indestructible. We’ve manufactured them from tough and durable plastics, so they should last for 2 years with daily use, longer if you are not using them daily. We’ve tested them in the dishwasher, boiled the parts, even had Dr Mark drop them from head height (he’s 6’2”, 190cm) and not a scratch!


Can I buy Dr Mark's products in retail stores, pharmacies or grocery?

Not just yet. For the time being you can buy direct from us and we’ll send them anywhere in the world. We even have a portal for Dental Professionals (at professional pricing) who want to have our products on hand for their patient’s convenience.


How many people can use a HyGenie device?

Dr Mark’s HyGenie and HyGenie Sport are single user devices, just like your tooth brush. We don’t recommend you share it around – yuk! We’ve put a neat little video together to show you how to personalise your HyGenie device.


Will Dr Mark's HyGenie and HyGenie Sport work for all removable dental appliances?

Dr Mark’s HyGenie and HyGenie Sport are designed to clean, protect and store all types of removable dental appliances. As with any tool, there are exceptions. For example, if your dental appliance doesn’t fit into the device because the arch is too wide or your appliance is too tall so the device won’t close. This might also be the case if you are using a sports mouthguard with a lip guard or undetachable helmet tether (like for NFL).


Can I use HyGenie Sport for dental appliances other than sports mouthguards?

Absolutely, if you prefer the HyGenie Sport colours – go for it!


Can I leave my sports mouthguard in HyGenie Sport or the CAGE in between practice or games?

You sure can. We’ve designed HyGenie Sport devices to clean, protect and store your mouthguard. Have a look at how HyGenie Sport works.


Is HyGenie Sport safe for kids to use?

Safe, simple and kind of fun too. All HyGenie Sport products have been designed with the youthful athlete in mind. No motors, no batteries and nothing to break. We’ve made them colourful, easy to use and a lot more fun and effective than the usual pale green, air tight plastic box. Always read the label and follow the user instructions for the best results.


Is HyGenie Sport safe for adults to use?

Safe, simple and even fun for adults! HyGenie Sport is good enough for the National Rugby League too. We are really proud to be an official licensed product of the NRL.


Does Dr Mark's sell removable dental appliances as well?

Sorry, we don’t. Our mission is to improve the home care standards and habits of removable dental appliances ‘wearers & carers’. The prescribing and fitting of dental appliances is the domain of your Dental Professional, they are the experts to rely on for your appliances and rely on Dr Mark’s products to care for your appliances at home or when on the road.


Do brushes ever need to be replaced? How long will the brushes last?

We’ve designed the device brushes to last up to 6 months with regular (and recommended) daily use. For continued great cleaning results, we recommend brushes are replaced no later than 6 months. Check out how easy it is to replace your brushes here.


Does DentalFresh contain any allergens or harmful chemicals?

DentaFresh does not contain any harmful allergens, parabens or bleach, but is NOT designed for internal use. It is a custom formulated, concentrated cleaning solution, designed to disturb bio-films and wash away stubborn food particles and nasties from your dental appliance. Always read the label and follow the user instructions.


Is HyGenie Sport QuickClean safe for kids?

QuickClean is safe for ingestion, for kids and adults, although NOT recommended. We’ve designed QuickClean to be a fast sanitising treatment and pre-wash. Spray it on your mouthguard (or any dental appliance) and safely store it until you wash it properly at home. Always read the label and follow the user instructions for best results.


Are DentalFresh or QuickClean tested on animals?

Absolutely not!


How do I keep my HyGenie device clean?

Our devices are designed to be self-cleaning and self-drying, just like your toothbrush. Follow the user instructions and your HyGenie device will stay fresh and clean. Intermittently you may want to clean the brushes, which is super easy to do. You will find brush cleaning instructions on the ‘Care & Tips’ page of your HyGenie device user guide.


Can I put my HyGenie device into the dishwasher?

We love this question; it always makes us smile. Yes, you can, the dishwasher won’t hurt any part of your HyGenie device. If you follow the user instructions you most likely won’t need to dishwasher your device, but if you want to – go for it!


Can I use the HyGenie device pack for travelling?

That’s exactly what it is designed for. If you are travelling the pack will keep your damp device safe and the rest of your luggage or kit bag contents dry.


What about stubborn stains or old build up on dental appliances, does it work?

We do have a restoration protocol for badly stained or old plaque built up on appliances. It does take time but will really help to bring an old or badly cared for appliance back to life. Contact us on: for more information on that.


What are the devices and packaging made from? Are the materials sustainable?

Both HyGenie devices are made from recyclable plastic materials, they are super tough, durable and protect a dental appliance from breakage if dropped when properly locked inside the device. We think they are pretty much indestructible. ‘Re-Duce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle’ is our position on packaging, so HyGenie devices are packaged in a reusable pack for travelling and all our paper packaging is sourced from sustainable forestry suppliers, also recyclable.


Can I return Dr Mark's products for a refund or exchange?

Since devices are personal care products, we do not allow returns once they are opened and used. If you have a concern about any product purchased from Dr Mark’s please email us on: and we’ll see how we can help you best.


Is there a warranty on your products?

For full details on our limited warranty, returns or exchanges, visit the Terms & Conditions on our website.

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Satisfaction Guarantee
We are very confident that when used as instructed, our products will improve the hygiene, freshness and safe keeping of your dental appliances – and that’s guaranteed. For the details of our ’21 Day Satisfaction Guarantee’ – CLICK HERE
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