Investor Opportunities

We’re building something big, and here’s your chance to be part of it. Dr Mark’s HyGenie® is going global.

A growing market for removable dental appliances in Australia (and abroad), a successful Series A capital raise, the ethos of the dental industry, and funding support from both the New South Wales and Commonwealth Governments of Australia has allowed us to push ahead with an expanded product launch locally, and now, our eyes are trained globally. The global dental industry and its consumers have always embraced new oral health care products and technologies. That’s why we’re so positive about the worldwide potential of Dr Mark’s®. Our enthusiastic reception at this year’s IDS2019 (the most prestigious dental showcase in the world) has only fuelled our excitement.

Innovation is about more than new products; it’s about new thinking and changing behaviours. And that’s what Dr Mark’s HyGenie is all about. Our company, brand, and products have re-imagined the way dental professionals, carers, and home users will care for removable dental appliances. That’s why we’re perfectly positioned to be the oral hygiene brand that changes the category – worldwide.

In every major market, there are millions of removable dental appliance users. We know there’s a place for Dr Mark’s in every one of those markets. We’re seeking investment, relationships with equity partners, licensee holders, and distributors to support our international expansion plans.

So talk to us. If you’d like to learn more about the company, our ambitious international plans, and investing opportunities, please get in touch.

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